The 2020 harvest at Gaintza Txakolina

Everything went well during the harvest!

uva honadarrabi zuri y hondarrabi beltz
Uva Hondarrabi zuri y Hondarrabi beltza

This year the harvest at Gaintza Txakolina has been completely unusual, what with Covid-19 and the dry sunny summer we have had. Fortunately, it came and went without any important incidents, I think the whole team let out a thankful sigh at the end, as we all thought “thank goodness is all went well”. This year we have had a great team of grape pickers, whom we thank for coming and helping us to collect, little by little, the 23 hectares of vineyards that we have. We would also like to say thank you to them for carrying out all the necessary measures to make the harvest safe in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A harvest of changing weather

The hot and sunny summer months have made the harvest come forward this year. We are usually kicking off at the end of September. This year, on the other hand, by the second week of September we were already collecting grapes from the plots that ripen earliest, which by then already had an unusually high sugar content. The soil of the vineyards, where it had not rained in many days, was drying up day by day. The grapes were roasting in the sun, becoming sweeter and almost imperceptibly smaller each day as the vines were suffering from lack of water.

Halfway through the harvest, it rained (there were storms) and the vines and grapes rehydrated while the harvest team rested for a couple of days. And finally, the bad weather gave us a chance to finish the harvest at Gaintza Txakolina, before the next storm loaded with rain and wind entered from the Atlantic sea.

The new vintage

Whilst the new broths ferment, the winery smells divine. This new vintage of Gaintza, Roses and Aitako txakolina’s will be on sale next year.

Photo report

We also leave you some of the photos taken this year, during the harvest. If you like photos and news related to Txakolina, wine tourism, and the world of wine in general, you can follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter on the web.