Gaintza Txakolindegia

Familiako mahastiak, Getariako euripean, Kantauri ertzean

The Art of Bertsolarism: Reality and Keys to Basque Oral Improvisation, written by Joxerra Garzia, Andoni Egaña and Jon Sarasua, defines bertsolarism as discourse executed through song, rhyme and measure.

Bertsos and bertsolaris have been, and will always be, a prominent part of our Basque culture, so there’s no better way to define who we are than through a bertso.

This verse written in Basque says that we are a family cellar in Getaria with vineyards next to the Cantabrian Sea.


The vineyards and cellar are looked after by our small family team. We plant and care for the vines, harvest the grapes, and make and sell the wine.

Gaintza has grown throughout the generations and we have hired qualified staff to ensure our business evolves. The txakoli we produce together year after year has created a special bond between all of us.

Our Roots

Gaintza has a long and proud history. Four generations of the Lazkano family have prepared, produced and distributed txakoli. Our great-grandfather José Antonio already made txakoli—for family consumption and sale in neighbouring villages—from our vines in the Golindo country house. From 1923 when the Gaintza cellar was set up through to the latest extension in 2012, we have undergone constant transformation with an eye to the future.

At Gaintza, we feel a deep love and respect for our land. We are passionate about our traditions and we strive to adapt them to the 21st century by uniting modern technology with more traditional production methods.


Thanks to our location in Getaria, our 25 hectares of vineyards are protected by the hill known as Garate and bathed by the Cantabrian sea air. The climate conditions and our care of the vines together enable us to cultivate an excellent grape which produces a txakoli with character.

We own ancient vines planted in high vineyards as well as new plantations in long trellises, including among them the Hondarribi zuri grape.  This variety surpasses all others, though we also grow others permitted by the Getariako Txakolina Protected Designation of Origin, including Hondarribi Beltz and Chardonnay.